Too Bee or Not To Be..?

I wasn’t planning to craft another blog entry so soon, but today, the drama just wrote itself.

Dawn broke a little early, significantly before my buddy the parrot rooster could do his usual “5 minutes to sunrise warning!” on the treetop outside the bedroom window – I had plans to run into the city this morning to pick up some friends at the airport.

This left Geoff home alone to deal with the special team whose job today consisted of drilling dozens of holes in our brick walls (these will allow them to pour a fixative into the bricks to seal them against moisture so that they can be properly painted).

Side note: Along with the drilling, a different group showed up today to check on our roof problem. The guy wanted Geoff to show him where the known leaks were, but nothing Geoff said could convince him to speak any slower so that he (Geoff) could understand the question. Geoff very cleverly hauled out his phone to have the guy speak into the translator (what times!) aaaand… voila! “I need to bring me some house entrance but I want to see the fidget spinner made out of hello.” As you can see, that solved everything.

Later, as I sat peacefully drinking tea with our friends, many kilometers away, I received a message from Geoff that the bee guys were finished and I should keep my eyes peeled when I got home, as the little buggers were not too pleased to have their lives, um, altered. Having been told last week that this was going to be a simple matter of wafting a few choice pheromones at them, inspiring them to relocate, I wasn’t too worried. And when I got home, I couldn’t see anything exciting, so I pretty much put it out of my mind.

Enter Mr. Understatement who casually showed me some photos (one is attached) he’d taken during my absence. I looked out the window into the back yard – holy mackerel! Apparently they had to remove the roof just to expose the hives (there were two HUGE hives) and later they plan to come back (they think they got the two queens into the special portable boxes, but it will take the rest of today for the hive to calm down and resettle inside them). It seems like every bee in Uruguay is out there, flying furiously around our property, DARING me to dash down to the (ex) pool house and do a little laundry!

What was it Syrio Forel said? NOT TODAY!!



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