We Made It!

img_20190428_152301And what a journey it’s been!

Weeks of last minute breath-holding re: the sale of our house in Tucson finally paid off and we were able to formalize the offer on our house-to-be in Uruguay. It was “wheels within wheels” as one layer of paperwork relied upon another …and somehow came together in time. And we thought *that* was the hard part!

Once the plan was established, we then slogged through several weeks of packing and paperwork demands (got really good at obtaining notarized documents and apostilles!). I calculate that each box was ultimately moved five times (not counting the last time, after hopefully arriving in Uruguay!).

A highlight was accomplished when we picked up our rental van at the airport, expecting to calmly organize our belongings in it for the drive to Miami, and discovering (as we crisscrossed Tucson for unexpected last-minute documents) that it had a major transmission problem! Better that happened before we got on the road with the cats, but still..!

So then came The Big Day. Poor cats. They obviously knew something was up, but what could they do? Virtually everything had been packed away, so they couldn’t even hide anywhere… It was nearly dark when the new rental – a minivan – was finally packed and RTG, technically on schedule. All three kitties allowed themselves to be added to the craziness, about as cheerfully as could be expected and it was “Eastward Ho!” as we pressed toward Miami.

More scintillating details to follow. If you have been living right, you may even learn why we had to drive to Miami with three cats when the normal thing would be to fly.


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