Adventure Is Out There

And here we are. Smack in the middle of a tsunami of tasks and deadlines that will soon put us, along with 3 cats, on a plane to Uruguay and the start of probably the biggest adventure of our lives.

Amazing that it was only 4 1/2 months ago when we boarded a plane for our first visit together to what would turn out to be out new home!

In that time, we spent a month touring the country, meeting people, and looking at real estate. We fell in love with everything about Uruguay and now we are in the last few weeks of preparing to complete our move!

The weather here in Tucson is perfect for packing – warm but not hot, open-window days and nights, with the sights and scents of lilacs and other Spring flowers adding a touch of calm to an otherwise hectic pace.

The final stage of the sale of our house in Tucson, which had originally been set for 19 March, is happening today. Tomorrow, we have an appointment at the bank to wire our down payment to the notary in Uruguay. Within the next few days, there will probably be a couple of 20′ containers parked in our driveway and we should be able to schedule the dates for our trip at the end of the month.

Busy times, but so worth it!

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